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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wow, it's been almost a week and I haven't even thought about my blog. Sad isn't it? Not much has happened over this past week, but yesterday I went to help out at a BBQ that my Lions club was doing and heard something very interesting.
One of our club members is a VERY egocentric person to say the least. Everything is about her, and if it isn't, she makes sure that it becomes so. As someone said yesterday, when her sister was getting a lot of attention and publicity because of a tragedy, this person suddenly "required" her parens attention due to "illness". But to be able to explain what I found interesting yesterday, I need to tell the story from the beginning.
This person (I'll call her Jane)has been a member of my club since before I joined 4 years ago. We became sort of friends, although I could see that she was a very needy sort of person. Still, she could be very charismatic and entertaining provided she was the centre of attention. She caused a lot of problems within the club due to this need for attention and acclamation, and for a while attended another club where she also caused problems. For some strange reason, we decided to bring Jane back into our club as the people she had clashed with previously were now no longer with our club. For a while all was well, and at this years elections, I was elected President and Jane First Vice President. At our first meeting, a comment was made by another member that we as a club wished to hold a banquet auction early next year, and that we would need Jane's help with this. Jane then ranted about how there was no way we would be able to succeed with this project, and that she would not take part as it was doomed from the start. (I believe this was because she knew that SHE would not get all the accolades for this project, so therefore wouldn't take part) She became very vocal and negative so I stopped her tirade and said thankyou for your positive input. She continued to rant and when another member called for her to stop she ignored him. My husband (also a member) called a point of order against Jane, and she turned on him viciously and told him that she would NOT listen to him, and with that stormed out of the club. Most of the members assured me that I had handled the situation well, and that it was Jane who was out of order. Jane then threatened to resign from the club and the following week demanded a meeting with me to discuss this. What transpired at that meeting was that she requested an "independent" person (one of her sycophants, or so she thought) to sit in and mediate. She commenced to say how bad I had treated her over this incident and that she was owed an apology, blah blah blah. I said I had done nothing to apologise for and why was she bringing this up. With that, she turned on me, telling me that I was a parasite, not fit to be president of the club, never fulfilled my obligations, and never turned up to meeting, (all of this definately applies to her) and again stormed out after telling me that she will come to meeting, but that she will not respect or support me as president, and I was NOT to address her in any way, or have any contact with her. Laughable really. She has not been to a meeting since, claims to be ill all the time. Yesterday I heard that she had spoken to another member of the club and complained that she had had no word sympathy from the club, and that the president hadn't even sent her a get well card. Now, I am nothing if not obedient (when it suits me of course) and she DID tell me NOT to contact her or address her in any way. Is not sending a card a form of address or contact? It remains to be seen what will happen when (and if) she returns to the club. I for one will not tolerate any shenanigans from this woman.


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