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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Of Mice and Men...............and the oft quoted "The laid plans"
A couple of weeks ago my daughter mentioned that she and her family were going to Fairy Park on Sunday. "Great" said I, "I'll ring around and let everyone know, we'll make a family day out of it". All were prepared, but on the day before, daughter found they couldn't make it as one of her children had a party to go to. Not to worry, cancel and re book. The following week was out as S.I.L. had plans so it was made for two weeks hence. All was going to plan, till people started getting sick. The day finally came and instead of a great party, we had seven adults and 5 children. Ah well, at least those whe could go had a great time.

The first time I went to the Fairy Park would have been 31 years ago, when my daughter was about eighteen months old. I have photo's of her taken there, one of which was in front of the Little Red Riding Hood house. Today I took another photo of her in front of the same house, and what a difference, not only in my daughter, but in the area around the house. Years ago, it was all just dirt, grass and boulders. Now, the boulders have been moved, and the ground has been covered with a brick road which makes it easier to get around, and also takes you in an orderly way past all the exhibits. There is now a terrific little playground for the children, big and small. Years ago, there were just a couple of swings and a see-saw. I seem to remember it all being a lot more spread out back then too, but maybe just having the footpaths and fill ins such as plants and statues between the large exhibits just makes it all look so much more compact. It was all very bare the first time. I have only been there one other time, and then my daughter would have been about five, so not too much had changed there then. Today was real surprise, and it's great to see how much the owners have achieved over the years.

I just went to put the photo's onto my computer, but found that someone has disconnected my camera cable. I will have to do it later, and hopefully put one or two in here to show a bit about what the park is like.


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