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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I have just got home from work, it's 0900 (9'o'clock am) and I should have been home at about 0700. Why so late you ask, and may you well.......!! I usually drive myself to work, but last night my youngest son needed to picked up from the airport after returning from an interstate business trip. As my husband ( a chauffeur who does airport pickups all the time) had an early morning job this morning, I offered my eldest son the use of my car to pick younger brother up. Husband was to tell eldest son he had to drop me off at work, go and get his brother, then pick me up this morning. Well, I finished work at 0715 as usual, and went to the front entrance of the hospital where I would usually be picked up on the odd occasion that someone else needed to use my car. No sign of eldest son, but that's ok, maybe he got mistaken and thought I finished at 0730, no biggie. I waited, and waited aaaaannnnnddddd oldest son. By 0800 I figure he's not coming, so I start to walk the 3 kilometres or so home. Not such a big deal you say, it's only 3 K, but try doing that after a 9.5 hour shift and with scoliosis and arthritis, not to mention I'm TOTALLY unfit and VERY overweight. On the way home I'm alternatively angry and worried (eldest son does not have the best driving record) and tell God, the Universe or whoever else is listening that son had better be dead or seriously injured or I was going to bloody well kill him. I finally get home and sure enough, my car is in my driveway. I walk into the house and let out a blood curdling scream, but son doesn't hear it because HE is in the shower. I yell through the door saying thanks a lot. He yells back saying he didn't know what time I was to be picked up. I replied, "the usual time, 0715 - 0730. I then sit at the computer and have a good cry, because a) I'm in pain (all over) and b) I'm relieved that he is NOT lying dead or injured somewhere. After he gets out of his nice liesurely shower he informs me he didn't even know he had to pick me up as dad didn't mention how else am I going to get home?? MEN. Sometimes I think they don't have brains.
So, now I'm going to take a couple of STRONG painkillers, and hopefully get some sleep. With luck I'll feel a whole lot better when I wake up.


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