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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Further to my having to walk home from work the other day; as previously stated, I was in a lot of pain when I arrived home. Luckily I didn't have to work that night, so could rest up a bit. Next day Ron (hubby) asked if I had slep on the magnetic mattress, to which i replied "no, I didn't" When I went for my snooze prior to going to work last night, I did sleep on his mattress, and have to say, felt a lot better for it, not that I doubted that I would. By the end of my shift this morning, I'm again feeling the effects of my epic trek; back ache, sore hips etc. so will again sleep on the mattress. So, that brings me to the story of the magnetic mattress.

Several years ago Ron and I signed up with a network marketing company (one of many weve tried, without success) called Nikken. Nikken is a Japanese based company that promotes health through magnetics, mattress, pillows, insoles, bracelets etc. Being a believer in the power of magnets and loving the products, we decided to become "business builders". Of course, family and friends, having seen us try (and fail) many other businesses, ie Amway, sighed and rolled their eyes. We paid our money and got our kit, and thereafter sold only one major product and a couple of small ones, and were not able to "con" anyone else into becoming business builders. so very typical of our efforts. Anyway, the kit included a single bed magnetic mattress overlay, a magnetic pillow, a pair of insoles and a coouple of other things. When the products arrived I was looking forward to putting them on the bed, but Ron got in first. As I have already said, I have scoliosis and often get pain associated with that so I thought that Ron would put the mattress on my side of the bed; not so. When I went to bed, there was the mattress and pillow firmly ensconsed on HIS side of the bed. Now to say that I was annoyed is putting it mildly, so I got into bed determined to give him the biggest cold shloulder ever.
Ron came to be some time later, got into bed, flopped down on his side, and never moved. Normally he had been annoying the absolute hell out of me by constantly giving his legs a kick........restless legs syndrome......which most nights had me threatening to go and sleep in the bath. During the night I became so concerned that he hadn't moved that I had to actually check that he was still breathing. The magic mattress had cured his restless legs, and he has only very occasionally kicked since, usually if he is really, really tired. Needless to say, he still has the mattress, and I am still suffering.
We really need a queen size mattress overlay, but Nikken are so expensive that it is pretty safe to say that I will never get to sleep on one except when I am in bed without Ron.
BTW, he got the magnetic insoles too................I had to buy myself a pair later. LOL.


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