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Monday, January 01, 2007


Today I had an e-mail from a friend saying she had just updated her blog, and changed its appearance. She mentioned that she wanted to post various link buttons, but did not know how to do so. I've just had a look here, and can find no information on posting buttons. In Typepad it is part of "typelists" but I can't see anything similar in here. Any information on how to post buttons on the page in blogspot would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ahem, thought I'd better pop in and let people know I'm still around. I had an e-mail from someone who was wondering why I never post to my blog, then realised that I have another one........yep, and that's where I do all my posts. As previously stated, I only have this one because many people use this blog service, and to be able to make comments I needed to have a blogging account with this service. It's not feasible to post to both blogs, so I concentrate on my Typepad blog, and this one goes begging unfortunately.

To those who come in here, please come and see me at my real address,

Take care.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I have been so busy at my "real" site that I have neglected this one. As previously stated, I only have this one because I had to have an account in order to leave comments on other peoples blogs on this server. However, you could always have a look at my "real" blog at I'd be happy to have you there, and don't forget to leave a comment or 2 so that I know you've visited.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just a few of the MANY photo's I took when we went to fairy park last week.
Me with my grandaughter Maisy.
A scene from Pinnochio.
My daughter Natalie and her daughter Maisy.
Natalie, Maisy, Reece and Gage outside that Little Red Riding Hood house. I have one of Natalie out the front of this house when she was only 18 months old. Both she and the grounds around the house have changed a lot since then, but the house is still the same. Pity my scanner isn't working, so I can't put the other photo in here to compare them at this stage.

Wow, it's been almost a week and I haven't even thought about my blog. Sad isn't it? Not much has happened over this past week, but yesterday I went to help out at a BBQ that my Lions club was doing and heard something very interesting.
One of our club members is a VERY egocentric person to say the least. Everything is about her, and if it isn't, she makes sure that it becomes so. As someone said yesterday, when her sister was getting a lot of attention and publicity because of a tragedy, this person suddenly "required" her parens attention due to "illness". But to be able to explain what I found interesting yesterday, I need to tell the story from the beginning.
This person (I'll call her Jane)has been a member of my club since before I joined 4 years ago. We became sort of friends, although I could see that she was a very needy sort of person. Still, she could be very charismatic and entertaining provided she was the centre of attention. She caused a lot of problems within the club due to this need for attention and acclamation, and for a while attended another club where she also caused problems. For some strange reason, we decided to bring Jane back into our club as the people she had clashed with previously were now no longer with our club. For a while all was well, and at this years elections, I was elected President and Jane First Vice President. At our first meeting, a comment was made by another member that we as a club wished to hold a banquet auction early next year, and that we would need Jane's help with this. Jane then ranted about how there was no way we would be able to succeed with this project, and that she would not take part as it was doomed from the start. (I believe this was because she knew that SHE would not get all the accolades for this project, so therefore wouldn't take part) She became very vocal and negative so I stopped her tirade and said thankyou for your positive input. She continued to rant and when another member called for her to stop she ignored him. My husband (also a member) called a point of order against Jane, and she turned on him viciously and told him that she would NOT listen to him, and with that stormed out of the club. Most of the members assured me that I had handled the situation well, and that it was Jane who was out of order. Jane then threatened to resign from the club and the following week demanded a meeting with me to discuss this. What transpired at that meeting was that she requested an "independent" person (one of her sycophants, or so she thought) to sit in and mediate. She commenced to say how bad I had treated her over this incident and that she was owed an apology, blah blah blah. I said I had done nothing to apologise for and why was she bringing this up. With that, she turned on me, telling me that I was a parasite, not fit to be president of the club, never fulfilled my obligations, and never turned up to meeting, (all of this definately applies to her) and again stormed out after telling me that she will come to meeting, but that she will not respect or support me as president, and I was NOT to address her in any way, or have any contact with her. Laughable really. She has not been to a meeting since, claims to be ill all the time. Yesterday I heard that she had spoken to another member of the club and complained that she had had no word sympathy from the club, and that the president hadn't even sent her a get well card. Now, I am nothing if not obedient (when it suits me of course) and she DID tell me NOT to contact her or address her in any way. Is not sending a card a form of address or contact? It remains to be seen what will happen when (and if) she returns to the club. I for one will not tolerate any shenanigans from this woman.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Of Mice and Men...............and the oft quoted "The laid plans"
A couple of weeks ago my daughter mentioned that she and her family were going to Fairy Park on Sunday. "Great" said I, "I'll ring around and let everyone know, we'll make a family day out of it". All were prepared, but on the day before, daughter found they couldn't make it as one of her children had a party to go to. Not to worry, cancel and re book. The following week was out as S.I.L. had plans so it was made for two weeks hence. All was going to plan, till people started getting sick. The day finally came and instead of a great party, we had seven adults and 5 children. Ah well, at least those whe could go had a great time.

The first time I went to the Fairy Park would have been 31 years ago, when my daughter was about eighteen months old. I have photo's of her taken there, one of which was in front of the Little Red Riding Hood house. Today I took another photo of her in front of the same house, and what a difference, not only in my daughter, but in the area around the house. Years ago, it was all just dirt, grass and boulders. Now, the boulders have been moved, and the ground has been covered with a brick road which makes it easier to get around, and also takes you in an orderly way past all the exhibits. There is now a terrific little playground for the children, big and small. Years ago, there were just a couple of swings and a see-saw. I seem to remember it all being a lot more spread out back then too, but maybe just having the footpaths and fill ins such as plants and statues between the large exhibits just makes it all look so much more compact. It was all very bare the first time. I have only been there one other time, and then my daughter would have been about five, so not too much had changed there then. Today was real surprise, and it's great to see how much the owners have achieved over the years.

I just went to put the photo's onto my computer, but found that someone has disconnected my camera cable. I will have to do it later, and hopefully put one or two in here to show a bit about what the park is like.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Further to my having to walk home from work the other day; as previously stated, I was in a lot of pain when I arrived home. Luckily I didn't have to work that night, so could rest up a bit. Next day Ron (hubby) asked if I had slep on the magnetic mattress, to which i replied "no, I didn't" When I went for my snooze prior to going to work last night, I did sleep on his mattress, and have to say, felt a lot better for it, not that I doubted that I would. By the end of my shift this morning, I'm again feeling the effects of my epic trek; back ache, sore hips etc. so will again sleep on the mattress. So, that brings me to the story of the magnetic mattress.

Several years ago Ron and I signed up with a network marketing company (one of many weve tried, without success) called Nikken. Nikken is a Japanese based company that promotes health through magnetics, mattress, pillows, insoles, bracelets etc. Being a believer in the power of magnets and loving the products, we decided to become "business builders". Of course, family and friends, having seen us try (and fail) many other businesses, ie Amway, sighed and rolled their eyes. We paid our money and got our kit, and thereafter sold only one major product and a couple of small ones, and were not able to "con" anyone else into becoming business builders. so very typical of our efforts. Anyway, the kit included a single bed magnetic mattress overlay, a magnetic pillow, a pair of insoles and a coouple of other things. When the products arrived I was looking forward to putting them on the bed, but Ron got in first. As I have already said, I have scoliosis and often get pain associated with that so I thought that Ron would put the mattress on my side of the bed; not so. When I went to bed, there was the mattress and pillow firmly ensconsed on HIS side of the bed. Now to say that I was annoyed is putting it mildly, so I got into bed determined to give him the biggest cold shloulder ever.
Ron came to be some time later, got into bed, flopped down on his side, and never moved. Normally he had been annoying the absolute hell out of me by constantly giving his legs a kick........restless legs syndrome......which most nights had me threatening to go and sleep in the bath. During the night I became so concerned that he hadn't moved that I had to actually check that he was still breathing. The magic mattress had cured his restless legs, and he has only very occasionally kicked since, usually if he is really, really tired. Needless to say, he still has the mattress, and I am still suffering.
We really need a queen size mattress overlay, but Nikken are so expensive that it is pretty safe to say that I will never get to sleep on one except when I am in bed without Ron.
BTW, he got the magnetic insoles too................I had to buy myself a pair later. LOL.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I have just got home from work, it's 0900 (9'o'clock am) and I should have been home at about 0700. Why so late you ask, and may you well.......!! I usually drive myself to work, but last night my youngest son needed to picked up from the airport after returning from an interstate business trip. As my husband ( a chauffeur who does airport pickups all the time) had an early morning job this morning, I offered my eldest son the use of my car to pick younger brother up. Husband was to tell eldest son he had to drop me off at work, go and get his brother, then pick me up this morning. Well, I finished work at 0715 as usual, and went to the front entrance of the hospital where I would usually be picked up on the odd occasion that someone else needed to use my car. No sign of eldest son, but that's ok, maybe he got mistaken and thought I finished at 0730, no biggie. I waited, and waited aaaaannnnnddddd oldest son. By 0800 I figure he's not coming, so I start to walk the 3 kilometres or so home. Not such a big deal you say, it's only 3 K, but try doing that after a 9.5 hour shift and with scoliosis and arthritis, not to mention I'm TOTALLY unfit and VERY overweight. On the way home I'm alternatively angry and worried (eldest son does not have the best driving record) and tell God, the Universe or whoever else is listening that son had better be dead or seriously injured or I was going to bloody well kill him. I finally get home and sure enough, my car is in my driveway. I walk into the house and let out a blood curdling scream, but son doesn't hear it because HE is in the shower. I yell through the door saying thanks a lot. He yells back saying he didn't know what time I was to be picked up. I replied, "the usual time, 0715 - 0730. I then sit at the computer and have a good cry, because a) I'm in pain (all over) and b) I'm relieved that he is NOT lying dead or injured somewhere. After he gets out of his nice liesurely shower he informs me he didn't even know he had to pick me up as dad didn't mention how else am I going to get home?? MEN. Sometimes I think they don't have brains.
So, now I'm going to take a couple of STRONG painkillers, and hopefully get some sleep. With luck I'll feel a whole lot better when I wake up.